The environment

A battle to preserve it

Concerned about the environment for three generations, we have always taken care to limit our impact on it and contribute as much as possible to its preservation.


In an environmental concern

Two certifications have been created to assess the impact of vineyards on the environment. At the national level, this certification is attributed to a vineyard of high environmental value with three levels of requirement. At the local level, the BNIC (national interprofessional cognac office) has devised a cognac certification for wine-growing.

These two labels are obtained after various audits assessing the different aspects of a vineyard. A number of strict criteria are taken into account, such as the cultivation methods, the management of wine-growing effluents, the equipment used and its performance, the treatments used for the vine crops and their frequency.


Recognition of the investment made

In 2020, we got two top-level certifications (HVE3 and Cognac Certication) which reward our constant concern for the impact of our activity on the environment and the need to make it evolve towards a greater respect for our natural environment.


A haven of peace in the heart of nature

In order to limit our environmental impact, we equiped the building for the storage of our farming equipment with photovoltaic panels in 2008. We planted a number of trees to make up for the place taken up by the building and had a rainwater recuperation system installed to limit our water consumption.

In 2023, we have planted 700 young hedge plants and fruit trees, which represent a kilometer-long plantation because we are aware of the major role played by trees in environmental protection. These last years, we have created a truffle-producing field composed of oaks, hazel trees and lavanders, which is a nature haven that we appreciate going to.


New project to not release the effort

We are aware of the essential role played by bees and concerned about their gradual disappearance. That’s why we plan to set up some beehives in this truffle field to help protect them. We hope to commercialize the honey collected within a few years if all goes well.