Family history

A soil, a family,
a cognac

Our vineyard is located in the town of Sigogne, which is in the very heart of the fine woods label of the Cognac AOP (Protected Designation of Origin). Its soil, combining clay and limestone, offers a specific and demanding environment to our vines.


Three generations of excellence

Our vineyard has been shaped through three generations of wine growers.



Jean-Yves & Karine


Finesse, from father to son


In 1935, when my mother was born, my grandfather decided to diversify his commercial activities by buying farmland on which he planted his first vine stocks. He took great and loving care of them, and involved his two children in this activity, handing down to them his love of the land and of a well-done job.


When my parents got married in 1973, my father, who is himself the son of a wine grower from the Anjou region, took over the small vineyard, having acquired all the necessary knowledge and respect for both the vine stocks and the wine growers. As soon as I was able to help him, I shared with my father all the tasks of wine growing and remember all those wonderful years when we would hand-pick our grapes.

Jean-Yves & Karine

At the end of my schooling, I naturally decided to take over the farm and for two years, I was more fully trained by my father. I have been running our family vineyard since 2000 and consider my vine stocks as my children, paying the utmost attention to the evolution and needs of each parcel of land.


An inherited passion

We have constantly been improving our equipment in order to meet the highest standards. I have gained in experience through decades of close contact and respect for my vineyard and its natural environment. I follow every step of the ripening process closely, knowing that the more I care for them, the more grapes they will produce. I now share this love for my vineyard with Karine, whom I met in 2007.